How to Blend Copic Markers

Hi friends! For this tutorial, I’ll show you how to blend copic markers!  These markers can actually be blended in two different ways, either using the Colourless Blender marker, or simply using a really light coloured marker instead.  I’ll show you how to do both in this video!

The main thing to remember with Copics is to divide your image into sections, and layer your markers on each section to completion before moving onto another section!  So if you’re shading a flower (like in this video) you would shade each petal separately.  Same goes with a portrait.  You would colour in the skin tones of the face, then the skin tone of the neck, then of the shoulder (putting in all shadows).  Then you would do sections of the hair, and so on.

I hope this tutorial is helpful!  Be sure to watch my into to Copic Markers here

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

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