How to Blend Two Colours Together (Acrylics)

Hi friends!  It’s time for another Tutorial Tuesday! Today’s demonstrations will (hopefully) show you how to blend two colours together in acrylic paint.  This demonstrations is just taking two different colours and making them transition into one another.

The key to blending acrylics is to keep them workable!  Acrylics dry fast, and if they dry on you, they’ll leave sharp edges and won’t blend into one another.  So if smooth,blurred, blended transitions is what you’re going for, you have to use some mediums to slow down the drying process and keep your paints workable and blendable!

Materials in this Tutorial:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Acrylic Retarder
  • Liquid Acrylic Medium (Glazing liquid would probablybe best in this…I wanted to try out the OPEN acrylic medium for blending in this tutorial)
  • Paint brushes (you need the mop/blendy brush for the buffing of the paint, whatever other paint brush you want to use is entirely your own choice!)

I hope this tutorial is helpful!  Stay tuned for next week’s tutorial where I demonstrate how I make a full blended background for a painting! You’ll see blending techniques in action! lol

Thanks so much for watching!

Until next time, keep creating!


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