High Flow Acrylics & Marker Demo!

Hi friends! Today’s I’ll be doing a demo of Golden’s High Flow acrylics testing them out and seeing how they work in the empty markers that they can fill and with other various acrylic mediums.

I’m making a little art journal page to test these paints out, and I use the paints on their own from the bottle, over glass bead gel, over light molding paste textured stencils, and over scrapbooking paper with self-leveling clear gel. I also test them wet-in-wet and wet on already dried paint.

Leave a comment below if this demo was helpful, and be sure to check out my full review here! Thanks for watching!

You can buy these paints from Dick Blick by clicking here!

-Ashley <3

**Please note that this post contains affiliate links to Dick Blick, and in clicking on my link I will receive a small portion of any sale resulting from that link.  This does not cost you any more, and it helps me continue to post free tutorials and reviews on my site. Thanks so much for your support!

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