Fairy Garden Necklaces: I Figured it Out! (I think?)

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

I’m still winding down from my busy weekend, but I wanted to share with you my progress on making fairy garden necklaces, little real flower terrariums in tiny bottles you can wear around your neck! I was having trouble with the dried flowers closing up after I placed them in the bottles, and I couldn’t figure out how to keep them open.

fairy garden necklace bottle

They closed up like this the next day

So then I thought I had to do something to the flowers to solidify them, and stop them from closing.  So I tried resin, but didn’t like the magnifying glass look it gave the bottles.

terrarium bottle

See how they’re open? But I don’t like the magnified effect.

So then I tried spraying the flowers with fixative before putting them in.  It worked somewhat, but they still weren’t fully bloomed.

They stayed more open than the first one, but not quite enough

They stayed more open than the first one, but not quite enough

So then I just went back and did what I originally did for the first one, but I didn’t seal the bottle.  I let them sit for over a week with no corks.  After I put the corks on, I saw that they stayed open!


They're fully open!

They’re fully open!

They stayed open too.  It's been weeks and they look like this still.

They stayed open too. It’s been weeks and they look like this still.

So I’ve decided it must have been a moisture issue.  I must have not let them sit long enough and let the E6000 fully cure and finish releasing it’s fumes before sealing them shut.  So these babies are a full success!  Then something weird happened.  I went to grab my original bottle to take a comparison picture, and it looked like this:


They opened back up!? Whaat??

They opened back up!? Whaat??

I know it’s the same bottle because I didn’t take the chain off it, and it’s also the only one that I experimented with incorporating dandelion seeds in with the moss and flowers. So what happened? It must have just needed time to open up again? Maybe the fumes from the glue leaked out very slowly through the cork, so it took it a long time to be rid of it?

So anyways, all three now are looking great! I’m going to keep my original one for myself because I’m just so excited it opened back up! lol!  Look for the other two in my shop soon, as well as other ones I will be making.  These will all be 100% individual, and no two will look the same.

terrarium bottle pendant

All three of my successes together. I’m so happy I finally got them to stay open!

I’ve also taken note of the effect the resin has in the bottle, and am going to play around with the idea of an underwater-looking garden, maybe with some lilly pads and lotus flowers sitting on the surface (and maybe a koi fish swimming underneath!) 

I am also planning on making desert terrarium necklaces with real sand and little cacti and succulents (made out of clay of course, but I’ll make them look real!).  I’m just waiting on a few supplies to come to my door, including nice long stainless steel ball chain necklaces to hang them from, and wider bottles for the desert and water terrariums, as they lend themselves to be wider and more shallow, while I like the tall thin look for the fairy gardens.

So I hope you’re looking forward to these new botanical-inspired pendants! I think they will really be something unique and eye-catching.  I will keep you guys updated on their progress!

So thanks so much for stopping by, and I will talk with you again real soon!



  1. says

    I absolutely love your fairy garden necklaces and I cannot wait to see your dessert terrarium necklaces. They look so beautiful. Its so interesting that the flowers reopened again, but it just needed some time for the glue fumes to leak out, which is just wow.

    Can’t wait for more botanical pendants! 😀

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you like them! I’m happy with how they turned out, now that they’re open. I never expected my original one to open up, it was closed so tightly I thought that was it. It’s crazy that they’re fully dried flowers, but it’s like they still have life to them. I’m anxious for my new bottles and chains to come so I can make more!! Thanks you for your comment, I hope you’ll like the desert pendants when I make them! I’ve got more botanical-inspired pendants in the works :)

    • Ashley says

      Thanks! The flowers are real. They’ve been dried and will stay in bloom forever :) Only the little mushrooms are made out of polymer clay by myself. I’ll have a koi fish one done within the next few weeks probably, and I’m thinking of doing ones with betta fish too :)

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