Pinspiration Monday: DIY Panted Vases (Perfect for Summer!)

Hi friends!  This Pinspiration Monday is inspired by the gorgeous colours of the spring and summer flowers that are starting to show themselves! It`s May now, and everyone`s getting the warm weather itch…I know we`re all starting to think about our gardens…maybe you have a giant backyard full of garden beds, or maybe you have a window box on a balcony!  Whatever you have, you`re going to want some cute vases to put some of those beautiful flowers in, right! (These vases look nice empty as well… a little group on them on a shelf looks so fresh and cute!)

So here`s how they`re done…it`s really easy!  You simply take some craft paint (you can buy some from the dollar store!) and pour it into a clear vase (also found at the dollar store or thrift shop).  Next, swirl that vase and move the paint all around the inside!  You can choose to swirl the paint to cover the entire inside (use a paintbrush to help you reach the top parts if you need to), or you can only swish the paint part-way up, it`s up to you!  You can even get super fancy and paint some little designs on the outside of the vase once the inside is covered! If you want pastel-like opaque colours, simply mix your paint colour with white!

And that`s it, let it dry and you`re done!  I think a group of tiny vases done in an ombre-style would look so cute!  You could simply get a bottle of one paint colour (let`s say red) and a bottle of white. Then get like 5 or more tiny bottles, and paint one with the red colour, one with the white.  Then mix equal amount of red and white together, put that in a bottle.  Then with your mixture divide it in two, add more red to one and more white to the other, then do up two more bottles with these (so you`re at 5 bottles total now).  And Bingo! 5 vases that form a gradient from red through pinks to white! That`s just my idea though, you can visit these pins for more ideas!

Have fun!


Photo Sources on Pinterest: via Emily on Pinterest via Fuchsia84 on Pinterest

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