Pinspiration Monday: DIY Garden Decor

Hey guys, well it’s finally summer!!  Pinterest is full of gardening-related ideas right now, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite DIY garden decor ideas. So here we go!



First, these upside-down lightbulbs are so cute I had to post them here.  They would look so cute hanging from a small tree, full of the fresh flowers that are growing underneath.

The lightbulb just gives it such an Earth-friendly feel.  Reusing an old lightbulb to hold fresh flowers.  Using our technology to showcase nature’s beauty. It just seems like such a full-circle idea.

I’m going to Portugal in a few weeks, so this year isn’t going to be a big gardening year for me (I don’t want to come home to a bunch of dead flowers, so I’m not planting any!) but when I get back I’m going to make sure I search through our old light bulbs to find some of these old-style bulbs!




Next is these pretty garden orbs! They’re made from various materials…glass beads, mosaic tile, and even pennies!  The ball itself I’ve read is a bowling ball.  Those can be pretty hard to find, so something else would have to be used.  What about one of those styrofoam floral balls?  Would the tiles and whatnot be heavy enough to weight it down?  I’m not sure.

Going to a thrift store would be my first option for finding bowling balls, but if none are there we’ll have to get creative for the ball shape.

Actually, the ball shape could be made from those white globe-style light shades.  I’m staring at one in my kitchen right now!  They can be found in any big hardware store for real cheap.  Just make sure to get one that’s pretty thick so it can hold the weight of the glass gems and tiles!







And last but not least, this tutorial on making marble effect planters is so cute!  It’s just like doing that nail polish water marbling, but we’re doing it with a terracotta pot!

The steps are literally the same (even using the nail polish!).  Just dump a few drops of the colours you like in a bucket of water, swirl them around a bit, then dip in your pot!  I would wait till the pot is completely dry, then finish it off with an acrylic finishing craft spray, like Krylon’s Preserve it!  Or Folk Art’s High Gloss Spray.  Just something that will help protect the enamel  from the sun a bit more.



So that’s it for today guys!  I hope you’re inspired by these projects like I was!  I might still do one or two of them when I get back, we’ll see!

Until next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3











Source: via Ashley Picanco on Pinterest

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