D’Artisan Shoppe Maestro XV Brush Set Review

Hey guys! So today I have my review of the Maestro XV brush set by the very generous D’Artisan Shoppe who sent me a set to try out. These are the brushes I used in my Night Owls painting you can see here.


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So I’ve been playing around with the brushes, and I’m very impressed by them! I’ve used them in both acrylic and watercolor, and the brushes hold their shape when wet, return to their shape beautifully, are super soft and elegant-looking, and come in a great range of shapes and sizes! They also include a mix of both synthetic and natural fibers, so they’re perfect for all paint mediums and from beginners to advanced painters. (Please note that the coupon promo I mention in the video has now expired):

A good quality brush set is so critical for an artist, and especially if you’re a beginner! There are so many other barriers to creating art you want to create when you’re new to painting. Your brushes shouldn’t be one of them. This brush set is perfect for both beginners and professionals, and I can’t say anything but good things about them!

So let me know in a comment below what your thoughts are on the brushes and if you’re planning on picking up a set for yourself! Thank you D’Artisan Shoppe for reaching out to me, and thank you so much for watching!

-Ashley <3

**Please note that I was sent the brush set free for the purpose of reviewing them, but the opinions I’ve formed after using them are entirely my own and honest, as always. 

***UPDATE: This post is now 2 years old, and I am still using the brushes from this set as my primary painting prushes!

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