Current Inspirations: Geometric Patterns!

Hi friends! Today I wanted to start a new type of blog post, where I share a gallery of various things that are currently inspiring me in my art! This could be certain colors and color schemes, shapes, subjects, styles, anything! These inspirations can not only be art prints from other artists, but wallpaper, fabric, even three-dimensional items. I will post a new collection of inspirations whenever I find myself using them in my own sketchbook. I hope this new series inspires you as much as these things do me 🙂

Current Art Inspirations

This first inspiration round-up is focused on pattern. I’ve been playing around a lot lately with the idea of mixing both abstract and technical aspects together in the same artwork (you can read more about that here), so lately I’ve been working in my sketchbook playing with lines and shapes.

I’m really loving triangles and inter-meshing them into crystal-looking patterns, and I also like how that can lead into looking like constellations and adding circles and dots to break up the sharp lines.  Playing with this and using these deliberate shapes within abstract, organic, free-flowing painting is really making me happy! I’ll have lots to share with you soon as I finish up a couple pieces, (and if you’re on my mailing list then you got a free digital wallpaper of one of those paintings at the beginning of this month! You can sign up in the right sidebar if you’re not already getting my monthly Studio Notes, and get my free 8-week e-course as well!)

So I’ll be sharing a few finished paintings soon, along with some sketchbook pages coming up, where you can see my own interpretation of some of these inspirations (and I got a new sketchbook too! I’ll have a reveal and review of it coming soon! Happy days!)

So without further blabberings, here’s a compilation of some of my current inspirations! I hope you enjoy them, and maybe they’ll spark some creativity in you as well!

Sources: Feather-inspired lines | Stained Glass Look | Pastel Patterns | Colored Triangles | Layered Triangles | Circles | Geometric Mountains

So that’s it for now! Leave me a comment below if you’re liking this new type of blog post, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

Current Art Inspirations

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