Colour Theory Basics

Being new to painting can be frustrating when you’re not sure which colors to mix to get the colors you’re looking for.  This video is an overview of the very basics of color theory.

Hi friends! It’s Tutorial, Tuesday, and today I have a video all about color theory for you!  In this video, I explain the basic ways a color can be altered (without changing the color itself), and how the primary colors relate to each other.  Then I make a color wheel for you (and hopefully you will too!) and show you how it’s used to find color relationships.

This video serves as a bit of an introduction to my next video, where I’ll tell you guys all about color bias and why you should care what the heck that is!  🙂

So please enjoy, and more importantly if you’re a beginner, TRY IT OUT for yourself!  Use the paints you have and make your own color wheels!

How to Mix Skin Tones video is here
How to Mix Common Paint Colours article is here

Thanks so much for watching!!

-Ashley <3

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