Pinspiration Monday: Colour Psychology

Hi friends! It’s time for another Pinspiration Monday!  For this post, since I’ve recently finished all of my posts on colour mixing and colour theory, I thought it would be nice to have some Pinspiration on the actualy phychology of colour itself.  So instead of worrying about how to mix colours, today we can learn how these colours make us feel with these great infographics I’ve found on Pinterest.

This first one is really interesting, it shows the emotions certain colours invoke, and give examples of big companies who use these colours in their logos:

Source: Uploaded by user via Tee on Pinterest


This next one suggests colours to paint our houses, and the effects the colours have on us.  It also displays colour choices certain companies have chosen as their colour schemes, and why:

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Courtesy of Painters of Louisville

Finally, this last image shows in detail different hues, tints and tones, and how those colours effect us emotionally.  This chart is aimed at graphic desginers, but the principles can still be used by other artists, crafters, and for your own home decor projects!

I’ve also found that reading the descriptions of my personal favourite colours (the ones I’m always drawn to in stores and even my own paint palettes) really describes the major aspects of my personality.  There’s a reason why we all like the certain colours that we’re drawn to.  What do your favourite colours say about you??



Source: via Ashley Picanco on Pinterest

I hope you’ve found these infographs as interesting as I did!  Thanks for reading!



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