A Paint Colour Palette for Beginners

Choosing a palette can be a difficult task to someone brand new to painting!  In this video I explain the exact names of suggested colours (and why I chose them to recommend).
I also recommend additional colours based on the subject matter you’re planning on learning to paint (figure, landscapes and seascapes).
Please make sure you’ve seen this video on Colour Bias before you watch this video!

Student vs Artist quality paint: Click here!

My Skin Colour tutorial can be found here

***Also visit my blog post here to see how to mix common names of paint colours like Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Payne’s Grey and more (if you don’t want to purchase extras!)

**Also please keep in mind that this is just my recommendation, and I’m by no means an expert or professional.  I based the decision of these colours on a dual-primary palette system, whereby you have one warm and one cool version of each primary colour.  This allows you to virtually mix any colour you want, as you have all the needed colour biases at your disposal. I’ve also made sure that you have both an opaque and transparent version of each primary colour, so this palette can serve both coverage and glazing needs.  I think it’s a great start for any beginner to painting and acrylics! It also fits in nicely to my previous colour theory videos.

Colour is a very personal thing, so if you have your own preferences based on the subject matter you intend to paint (maybe you want more muted colours, darker colours, or even super bright colours) then please follow your own tastes…my goal for this video is to simply give someone a starting point if they have no idea where to begin…that paint aisle can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking for or what you really need!

So I hope this is helpful! Let me know in a comment or via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. if you liked it, and what you’d like to see more of!

Thanks so much for watching guys!

-Ashley <3

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