Color of The Year 2015: Marsala

Hi friends! So here we are in 2015, and the colour of this year according to Pantone is Marsala! A rich, warm brownish-red tone that really makes me want to have a luscious glass of wine!

Pantone Marsala Color of the Year
A rich, warm colour for 2015!

This is quite a change from last year’s colour, Radiant Orchid.  Marsala is a deep earthy tone, and I think it’s quite beautiful, especially when paired with other earthy tones.  It looks more reddish when among other browns, greys, and greens, but when put against cooler, brighter colours, it grounds everything with it’s earthy brown vibes.

Pantone states that Masala was chosen because it’s universally flattering among skin tones and between both men and women, and because it’s dramatic but still refined.  This makes it a great choice for cosmetics, fashion, and home decor.

Color of the Year 2015 Marsala
Pictures taken from Pantone’s website.

What are your thoughts on Marsala? I like the richness of it, and upon browsing the colour trends for this Spring, Marsala looks amazing among the vibrant, fresh spring colours:

These colours look amazing with warm Marsala!
These colours look amazing with warm Marsala!

It grounds everything while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the otherwise whimsical palette.  I like this mix so much that I’m actually going to be doing an abstract painting based on these colours in the spring.  I’ve had a little design in my mind for a while and couldn’t decide on the right palette colours, but after seeing these colours together I know what I want to do.  Plus it’ll be a nice way to use Marsala for myself!

So thanks for stopping by, and here’s to a warm and happy 2015! Cheers!

-Ashley <3

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