CMYK Color Palette For Painting?!?

Hi friends!

It’s time for yet another Tutorial Tuesday, and this time we’re diving back into Colour Theory, but with a twist!  Today I’m going to show you a different colour wheel…one that doesn’t use red or blue, but uses magenta and cyan in their places.  It’s called the CMY colour palette and it’s used by printers and printing companies, but it’s actually a valid painting colour wheel as well, because it can mix all of the colour in the spectrum (including a true red!  This hints at the idea that red might not be a true primary *gasp*).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!  My goal for this tutorial is to show you that the world of colour theory isn’t black and white, but is instead many shades of grey (like what I did there?)

Thanks so much for watching!

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-Ashley <3

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  1. You really could teach at a university and get people off on the right foot. 3 years after you made this video it is still the best information I could find on Google on using a CMY color palette. I want to mimic the old “Tales From The Crypt” and “Weird Science” comic style from the early 1950’s and their vivid color palette. While I doubt they had the “quin magenta” or some of these other colors at the time, I agree that the RBY palette is muddy and dark if one isn’t very careful. This video literally gave me the basis I needed as well as confirmation that my theory would work the way I wanted. You gave me the last bit of info I needed to get the look and feel I want, thanks a bunch! You rock!

    • Thanks for sharing Benjammin, it’s nice to know that my older posts and videos still have value. I’m in the process of preparing to refilm older videos with my better lighting and video setup now, so it’s great knowing that the content is still solid. Thanks for sharing your story and have fun with your project!

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