Best Friend

“Best Friend” is a 24×20″ acrylic painting on canvas. This piece is a dedication to my beloved black lab, Ebony, who passed away.  I wanted to convey the happy, bubbly, friendly spirit she had, so i used happy pastel colours and painted her with an emphasis on her “cuteness”.  This painting makes me smile and feel happy about her, instead of reminding me how much I miss her.

The collar is actually a collage element from scrapbook paper that has sayings about love and friendship on it.  I thought it was fitting because she was not just my best friend, but was a central element to my little family.  She will be missed dearly, but I know she had a happy, loving life, and is waiting patiently for the day when we can see each other again.

You can watch the creation of this painting here (part1) and here(part2).

Black Lab Acrylic Painting

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