Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Paper

Hi friends! So this video is for anyone new to watercolours who is feeling overwhelmed by the paper choices to create your art on. And let’s face it, it’s super easy to become overwhelmed by this. There are so many different papers out there! Cold press, hot press, weights, textures,stretching, which one is best for you?!

In this video I’ll explain the different types of watercolour papers that are available, the differences between them, and what types of paintings they’re best for. Then you’ll be able to make the right decision for your art!

If you missed my watercolour for beginners video, it’s here.

So let me know in a comment what you think, and thanks so much for watching!

-Ashley <3

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  1. I’m just starting out with watercolors as a beginner and your tutorial videos have been amazingly helpful. Thank you so much Ashley!

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