Artist-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I wanted to share just a fun post today with you guys, as I was browsing the Internet for some halloween costume ideas, and found these really fun art-related costumes. So if you’re looking for a fun costume for halloween, check these out! Click on the picture to be taken to their sources, enjoy!

Roy Lichtenstain’s “Oh Jeff”:

The original artwork
The original artwork
The awesome costume!
The awesome costume!

There’s step by step instructions, supplies, and photos to create this entire look for yourself! I think it’s so clever and fun! And the best part is, even if no one “gets” what you’re really dressed up as, they’ll simply think you’re a comic book character or some pop-art/Andy Warhol creation.  So it’s a pretty safe costume if you’re worried that going too “artsy” will leave people not understanding what you’re dressed up as!

…and if you simply want to go the comic book route, there’s this:

Pop Art/ Comic Book Makeup Tutorial:

It's not a drawing, it's Promise Phan!
It’s not a drawing, it’s Promise Phan!

Promise Phan is popular on YouTube for doing “transformations”, changing herself to look like different famous people, and even your favorite Disney characters. In this video she shows how to make yourself look like a comic book drawing! You can watch the video here:

I’m subscribed to Promise, and I love watching her videos, so as soon as I knew I was going to write this post, I tracked down this video and knew I had to include it!

…so next let’s talk about some adorable baby costumes! I’ve got one for both a little girl and boy.

Frida Kahlo

So cute!
                                            So cute!

Oh my gosh, how adorable is that little girl?! The website gives full supplies needed to create this look for your little one!

Vincent Van Gogh

This is too cute!
                              This is too cute!

Haha, I love this.  There’s something about putting facial hair on babies that is too funny.  Again, you can click the picture to be taken to the site where you’ll find all you need to make this costume.

So that’s it for now, guys! I hope you got a little kick out of this post, I thought these costumes were so clever! What are you being for halloween?? Let me know in a comment below, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3


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