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Hi guys! Today I wanted to do a little Pinterest roundup of some really inspiring art journal prompts and project ideas. So I hope the following resources help you out when you have a bit of artist’s block!

365 Art Journal Word Prompts

art journal inspiration
I love all these inspiring words!

This site is so awesome! This post is just a huge list of 365 words that you can form an art journal page around.  Do them in order, scan the list until one speaks to you, or do a big challenge and try to do a page a day for the whole 365 days! I’d like to do this challenge myself, but right now my plate is pretty full! Maybe in a few months I will try it out!

Book Craft Ideas

art journal prompts
Using old book pages in an art journal can be inspiring on it’s own!

This post isn’t specifically for art journals, but it shows ways to reuse and re-purpose old books, which can be inspiring in itself! Maybe you can find a sentence or a few words within the page to focus the art journal page around? Drawing on top of old book pages is always guaranteed to look cool!

More Book Page Projects

art journal ideas
I love the outline in white, while the girl’s dress is not coloured at all and just shows the book text.

This website isn’t in English, but the pictures speak for themselves.  It’s full of more inspiring book page crafts, and many of them can be used in an art journal.  I especially love this picture. Drawing on the book page and then painting the outside in white is a great idea to separate the drawing from the background without having to fully colour the drawing.

Art Journal Theme Ideas

art journal inspiration
Never run out of inspiration with this post!

And finally, I saved the best for last 🙂 This post is from the same site as the 365 words, and it is just amazing.  It’s an entire list of journal theme ideas – yes, that’s right, not just pages but a whole theme to build a journal around! It’s full of great ideas in how to incorporate your theme into journal pages too! From a garden theme to include pen doodles, plant care tips, and used dictionary and encyclopedia pages about plants to an art journal all about your favorite beverage (hello coffee themed art journal, anyone?) it’s all here, waiting to be discovered.

So next time you’re feeling stuck, take a look at these links, and I’m sure you’ll find something to relight that creative flame. So thanks for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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