An Acrylic Painting for Beginners Tutorial Round-Up!

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Hi friends! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to do another little post round-up, similar to the watercolor tutorial round-up I’ve already done.  My goal for these types of posts is to bring light to older tutorials that may be lost in the archives of this blog, so newer readers can enjoy, and maybe my current readers can still enjoy if they haven’t seen something yet on this list.

So let’s get to it! Here’s my list of my favorite/best free acrylic painting tutorials from my archives:

Types of Acrylic Paint – craft, student, artist/professional? What’s the difference? Read this post to make an informed decision on which paints are right for you and your current skill levels.

Acrylic Mediums for Priming and Finishing – Gesso and Varnish, do I need them, and how to use them??

How to Mix Skin Tones – This video is very old, and the lighting is terrible (it was one of my first YouTube videos, before I got proper filming lighting), but the information is still solid, so it’s worth a watch if mixing skin tones with acrylics confuses you. As a head’s up, I am planning on redoing/refilming this tutorial, so stay tuned to this blog for an upgrade to this post!

How to Mix Common Paint Colors – read this post before you buy another tube of paint! Maybe you already have what you need to mix it yourself?

The Right Way to Start a Painting – before you start painting on your blank canvas, here’s the secret to a more professional look.

Shiny Ball Syndrome – a common ailment of beginner painters.  Adding too much highlight, too soon in your painting, can be a recipe for disaster. Here’s how to resist the temptation!

How to Wire Hang a Canvas – got your painting finished, but not sure how to get it on your wall? Here’s how to wire hang a canvas! (It’s easy, I promise!)

Acrylic Painting Glossary for Beginners – are you hearing words being used by artists and other art tutorials makers that have you a little confused? Here’s a list of acrylic painting words that beginners may be a bit fuzzy about.

How to Stop Acrylic Paint from Drying – prevent acrylic paint from drying too fast both on your canvas and your palette.

The Ugly Painting Phase – acrylics are all about layers, and sometimes it can be disheartening to see your painting in an “ugly” state.  But have faith and keep going! Hopefully this post will give you a little inspiration and open your eyes to the reality of what those first layers of a painting really look like.

Full Length Beginner Acrylic Painting Tutorial – Juicy Pear – a full length, step-by-step acrylic painting tutorial video where I walk you thought the painting process of painting a pear in still life.  Learn about grounds, underpainting, layering, blending, glazing, and bit of color theory as we go! Yes it’s free! Go watch it! 🙂

How to Transfer a Drawing to Canvas – using Photoshop, I’ll show how I resize my sketchbook drawings to scale them to large canvases, then physically transfer my drawings onto canvas, ready for painting!

So there they are, friends! My most popular/best free acrylic painting tutorials from my archives. I hope these are helpful to you, leave me a comment if they are, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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  1. Really helpful! Loved how you explained everything with such patience. Made so easy for us beginners! <3

  2. This is a wonderful video. Your explanations are concise and easy to understand. The pear is beautiful.

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