Acrylic Medium Showdown! (Which One is Best??)

Hey guys! So in this video I put various acrylic mediums head to head to see which ones do the best job of extending your working time with the paint!
I’ve got acrylic paint by itself, misted with water, and mixed with Self-Leveling Clear Gel, Glazing Medium,Retarder, and Golden’s OPEN acrylic medium.

Which one do you think will win?? Let’s find out which one gives us the longest painting time!

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So were you surprised by the outcome? I was a little, bit, but it makes total sense.  So I hope this was as helpful to you as it was a learning experience to me!

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-Ashley <3


  1. Gerals says

    Ashley I just purchased Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium. Is that the medium I see you spred over your canvas before you begin painting. Also say I work on painting the next day should I use it again?

    • Ashley says

      The Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium is Liquitex’s version of Golden’s Glazing Medium, which is what I use in 95% of my acrylic paintings. And yes, it’s usually the glazing medium that I put on my canvas before laying down paint whenever I’m doing something that requires a lot of blending and I need my paint to stay wet and blendable. Paint until you’re happy with the blending, because it will most likely dry completely overnight. So the next day when you come back, if you want to glaze over it or add more colour layers while letting what you painted yesterday shine through, you can lay down another layer of the medium and paint over that, or if you want to start a new layer overtop you can just go right in with straight paint or paint mixed with some other medium, whatever you wish.
      Don’t use too much of the blending/glazing medium on the canvas, as it can make it really slick and paint straight from the tube won’t grab onto the canvas. You can put a bit of medium on the canvas and then mix some medium into the paint so they’re the same consistency, then they will spread into one another instead of slipping overtop. I hope this helps! It’s best just to experiment and see what works best for you, but hopefully this gives you some ideas!

      • says

        I love Dick Blick I just purchased the four main mediums and additives you recommended in how to you mix mediums show. Also purchased 20 Golden tubes of paint from warm6 cool 6 of the color wheel. Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy talk about an unboxing event. You wright so clear. And send the time to further explain the subject. Thanks.

        • Ashley says

          Haha, have fun opening that package when it gets to you! I’m always excited whenever an order comes to my door, even if I know what’s in it!

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