A Watercolor for Beginners Tutorial Round-Up!

watercolor techniques for beginners

Hello friends! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a list of some of my older posts on using watercolors, in the hopes of helping out some of the newer readers to this blog that may not have seen some of these posts that are buried in my archives.

Every now and then, I’ll be making a new one of these types of lists to resurface some helpful older posts that may be harder to find.  This blog is quite a bit larger than it used to be, so I think it’s a good idea to do a round-up post like this once in a while! Let me know if you guys like this idea, and I might even turn these big lists into a page in the main menu so anyone new to the blog can instantly get to the good stuff!

Ok, on to the tutorials! Here’s my favorite watercolor tutorials from my archives:

Watercolor Tutorials List for Beginners:

11 Masking Fluid Tips masking fluid is used frequently with watercolours, here’s some mistakes to avoid!

Watercolor for Beginners a video all about the basics: what watercolours are, and what are your options of how to use them.

My Watercolor Suppliesa video where I share some of my favorite watercolor tools

Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Paperhot press, cold press, 300 lb, 140 lb, what is the difference!? Don’t get overwhelmed by your watercolor paper options, I’ll explain all the differences in this video!

Flat vs Gradient WashWashes are a core component of watercolor painting. This quick video demonstrates the differences in how to create the two types.

3 Watercolor Mistakes & How to Fix Themsometimes it all goes wrong. Here’s how to make it right again!

Watercolor Paper Alternative: Aquaboard! – beginners immediately think watercolor paper is the only painting surface option, but something like Aquaboard is much more forgiving than paper. Here’s the details on this cool painting surface!

Watercolor Alcohol Technique Tutorial –  a quick tutorial on how to create this signature watercolor effect.

So there they are, guys! My most popular watercolor tutorials on this site! I hope they’re useful to you if you haven’t seen them before. Thanks so much for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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