A New Toy- I mean- TOOL! WIPs This Week!

Hello friends! Happy Friday!

I’m super excited today because this week I finally bought something I’ve been wanting for a while! I was at Walmart buying a few things and I noticed they had a lot of stationary things on sale for their Back to School event, so naturally I found myself browsing through the office supplies like the stationary junkie I am.

And then I saw it…the machine I wanted was on sale! So I eagerly grabbed it and put it in my cart while baby Xavier gave me weird looks. So this is what I bought:

It's a thermal laminator! Hooray!
It’s a thermal laminator! Hooray!

I’ve been eyeing this laminator up for a while.  I’ve seen some pretty good reviews about it, and it’s a very decent price. It’s regular price is $35, which is by no means crazy, but I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t buy it and I would wait to see if it ever went on sale so I could save a bit of money.

Well my friends, that day was TODAY.

It was on sale for $30, which is only $5 off, but it was enough for me to justify buying it! Plus the laminating pouch refills were also on sale, so I bought a pack of them (I think they were $2 off? They’re usually around $10 for the large pouches). The laminator itself only comes with two pouches, so I figured I’d use the $5 I saved from the laminator and the $2 off the pouches to cover the cost of the pouch refills themselves. At least that’s what I told my husband 😉 Math is your friend, ladies 😀

…and naturally when I got home and was all excited to try it out, my printer tells me that it’s out of ink. 🙁 So this weekend I will hopefully have some time to go buy ink for my printer so I can print out a few little drawings and try to laminate them!

I’ve been wanting a laminator so I can try making my own little pagemarkers/bookmarks for my planner, as well as maybe some keychains and anything else you can make by laminating things. I have some ideas for resin pagemarkers that I’ve been wanting to make, so making some laminated paper ones will really motivate me to get them all created 🙂

I’m so happy to finally be able to check one of the machines off my wishlist! One by one I will have all of my dream tools! This one was the most inexpensive, so I guess I’m going to start at the bottom of my list and work my way up! (The number one spot belongs to an archival-grade printer to make my own prints!)

In other news this week, I’ve started on some new Pupcakes drawings! I’m doing a husky,German shepherd, and malamute next! So I hope you’re looking forward to seeing them! Here’s my finished sketch, ready for painting:

The three puppies
The three puppies

Alright, so that’s all for now, guys! I’ll update you once I get my printer juiced up and my laminator going! Eeek I’m so excited! Ok, so thanks so much for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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