A Collection of Drawing References and Tutorials

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a little roundup of some great drawing tutorials and references.  All of these resoures can easily be printed out and glued into you current sketchbook so you have them right where you need them.  They’re mainly for drawing the human form, but they can really help with improving overall general drawing skills.  As always, click on the pictures to be taken to their sources where you can find the full resolution images.  Let’s get to it!

This is actually a page with a collection of human anatomy references, including both male and female. There's some very helpful stuff here!
This is actually a page with a collection of human anatomy references, including both male and female. There’s some very helpful stuff here!
Common mistakes and tips for drawing the female body specifically. There’s some great tips in here!
This is a great resource for diverse “cemera angles” when drawing bodies. Nothing’s more dynamic than a sharp perspective on a body in motion.
A great resource for learning to draw hands. Breaking it down to simple shapes like this really simplifies the drawing process and makes it easier to understand the complex shapes that out hands can make.

Senshi Stock

I need to make a separate little section for the following resource.  Senshi stock, if you haven’t heard of it, is an absolutely amazing drawing resource by a user on Deviant Art. Senshi stock is chock full of models (mainly female but also male) sporting body-hugging underwear striking all kinds of fantastic poses, and they’re all free to use as drawing references for basically whatever you want! Their only stipulation is that you can’t distribute their photos as is. This means that you can use the poses to make your own drawings!

Looking for a reference of a girl holding a big sword, ready to swing it down? It’s on Senshi Stock.  Need a post of a male carrying a female out of battle? It’s on Senshi Stock.  Want to draw someone posed like Sailor Moon or Elsa from Frozen? Yeah, that’s there too.  It’s full of amazing dynamic poses that can be hard to think of the workings just from memory.  Things like this image:

Need a girl making a graceful landing after flying through the air? It’s here!

It’s also home to a fabulous collection of hand positions.  The following is a link to a downloadable zip filled with 244 hand positions. Yes, you read that correctly. Two hundred fourty four.

Work your way through all of these hand positions and never fear drawing hands again!

I can’t say enough about this resource. I downloaded the above hand resource and am personally working my way through them.  I print off 4 or 5 every now and then and put them in my sketchbook.  Then after I’ve finished sketching them I print off another 4 or 5 and continue. I also do the same with their full body poses.  They’re great for doing gesture sketches or fully rendering a whole body pose. This resource is such a great gift to artists, it’s amazing!

Ok so that’s all for now guys! I hope this collection of resources is helpful, let me know in a comment if you’ve used Senshi Stock before, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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