7 Tips to Create a Sense of Distance in Paintings

Hey guys!

So this video is all about tips and tricks to achieving a sense of depth and distance in your paintings!  I quickly go through 7 tips you can use and how they work for you to create the feeling of depth for your viewers.  It`s short and sweet, but hopefully useful!

Please remember that you don`t have to use EVERY tip in the same painting, these are just ideas to get your mind perked up and thinking about easy ways you can incorporate elements of depth into you own paintings.  Also please keep in mind that I`m no expert on the subject, these are just things I`ve learned and hopefully you find them helpful! 🙂

Video on using COLOUR to create depth is here!

Thanks so much for watching! Please share and ENJOY!!


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  1. Hi Ashley,

    I have watched a few of your tutorials and they are great. Great little tips. I am a beginner and you hit on the stuff beginners don’t know so it is an ah-ah moment when we get those pointers. Thank you, Patty

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