5 Fast and East DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Hi friends! Happy Monday! So lately I’ve been making Christmas tree ornament tutorials, but I honestly don’t have enough time between now and Christmas to show more than just a couple, so I thought I’d make this fun round-up of some of the best DIY Christmas tree ornament ideas/tutorials from Pinterest!

These are all very easy to make and don’t require many supplies at all: If you have some glue, string, and maybe an empty clear plastic ornament or two from Michaels, then you’re set! So let’s get to it! You can click on the pictures to be taken to their original source, where you will find the full instructions 🙂

Twine Ball Ornaments

Gorgeous and elegant, no one will know it's so easy to make!
Gorgeous and elegant, no one will know it’s so easy to make!

This is nothing new, string and twine ball ornmanets have been around for a while, but they look so impressive when they’re done that I think they’re worth mentioning.  This can be done with any colour of string, but of course the twine looks lovely in a more rustic tree.  You could even sprinkle some glitter on the string while it’s still wet with the glue for some super sparkly ornaments!

Yarn and Rope Bubbles

You can vary your string, using both thick and thin cord!
You can vary your string, using both thick and thin cord!

Like the look of the twine ornament but don’t want to get messy? Simply take a clear tree ornament ball from Michaels and put the twine inside it! A similar look without the mess.  The DIY solution for the non-DIYers! These would look great along with the free form twine balls for a bit of variation on the tree as well 🙂 And the paper scraps look awesome!

Metallic Paper Ornaments

They look pretty!
They look pretty!

These look so great! They look like something you would buy at the store (and pay a pretty penny for!) but they’re actually very simple to make.  With a paper punch, some metallic paper and a glue gun, you’re good to go!

Christmas Found Object Ball

Put any keepsakes you want in here to make your Christmas tree extra special
Put any keepsakes you want in here to make your Christmas tree extra special

The best thing about the clear ornaments from Michaels is that you can put anything in them…literally anything!  So get creative with your ornaments! This beautiful ball is simply some pine decoration, fake snow, and letter blocks.  You could also put in pictures of your family, branches of other artificial plants, a copy of the key to your first home, an old dog tag from your four-legged family member,ticket stubs from one of your favourite date nights or family outing, or simply create some warm wishful thinking by making a ball filled with sand and small shells! The possibilities are really endless.

Book Page Stars Ornament

Pretty paper stars inside a clear ball!
Pretty paper stars inside a clear ball!

Taking that same empty clear ball, filling it with these adorable paper stars is another great idea! The stars are folded from book pages, and will give your tree that fun whimsical touch.  I wanted to add this to my list here beacuse those paper stars have an extra special meaning to me.  When I was a kid my friends and I would all write notes to each other on post-it notes or other small piece of paper and fold them up into these stars.  We would make a few at a time and at the end of the school day we would give each other a handful of stars.  I couldn’t wait to get home to open my stars and read my messages. (Hey, this was before texting was a thing people! Don’t judge.).  The stars were always filled with fun plans for the next day, movies we wanted to see, or even just simple wishes about being glad we were friends.  Yeah, we were dorks, but it was good times. 🙂

So there they are guys, 5 easy and pretty DIY Christmas tree ornaments you can make yourself quickly and inexpensively.  It’s not too late to add a little crafty touch to your holiday decor this season.  So thanks for stopping by, and I will talk with you again real soon!

-Ashley <3

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