5 Easy DIY Art Ideas for the Non-Artist

Hi friends! Happy Monday!  It’s been a little while since we did a Pinterest round-up, so I thought today, since I’m currently going crazy nesting and wanting my house to be perfectly decorated and organized, that I would share some super easy wall art projects that anyone can do, even if crafting and art isn’t your thing! As usual, you can click on the pictures to be taken to their source for full instructions!

Frame a Piece of Fabric

Seriously…that’s all there is to it!  So many fabrics come in gorgeous prints, they really are works of art in themselves.  So frame them and hang them on your wall for a super quick decorative fix!

diy fabric art
Ornate frames can make your fabrics look extra special.

Cover a Canvas in Fabric

Take a larger fabric print and stretch it over a thick canvas, including the sides, for an easy large wall covering,

easy diy wall art ideas
Making a triptych from similar fabric adds even more style to your walls!

Hang a Mirror Collage

Thrift stores are always full of old mirrors, and they’re always super cheap.  While they may not look so nice on their own, there’s something about hanging old mirrors in a cluster that creates a vintage feel instead of a worn-out vibe.

diy mirror wall art
Hanging these over a dresser is a perfect location!


Make You Own Pet Portrait Pop Art

To add something a little more personal to your walls, why not let your fur baby be the star??  Using just a pet photograph, your printer and some bright coloured card stock, this fresh pop art is the perfect way to liven up a room and really make it your own!

diy pet portrait art
Show your puppy love in a modern and quirky style!

DIY Tape Art

Finally, break out the paint and get your hands dirty with your very own painted masterpiece!  Using painter’s tape, section off various lines on a canvas, then paint over the whole thing with paint (even craft paint would work!).  And don’t worry if some of the paint bleeds under the tape – it just makes the whole piece look more “artsy”.

diy home decor wall art ideas
You can easily use whatever paint colour you need to match your room!

So there you have it guys, 5 ways to make your own personal art without any painting or drawing skills needed.  I hope this serves as inspiration for creating your own art, and thaks for stopping by! Till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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