4 Mixed Media Art Techniques You May Not Have Tried Yet

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a few cool techniques I found while browsing through Pinterest over the weekend.  These techniques are really interesting, pretty simple, and can bring some variety to any mixed media work. Click on the pictures to be taken to their sources where you’ll find the full instructions. Happy creating!

Feather Stamping

This technique by About.com uses a real feather to transfer it’s imprint onto paper.  This would look great as wall art on its own, or as part of a collage or art journal page.

mixed media feather

Bokeh Watercolor Tutorial

I think this is really awesome. Bokeh is the blurry, magical-looking effect photographers add to photographs.  You’ve probably seen this effect in Instagram pictures, as there’s a bunch of apps out there can do this to a photo for you.  But this technique by Mary Ellen was made using watercolours, and it’s a great background for card making, art journals, or even to write an inspirational quote over top. With a beautiful background like this, the possibilities are endless!

bokeh art technique

Textured Aluminum Art

This tutorial by The Scrapbook Tree uses aliminum foil to add texture toa mixed media background.  The intent of the tutorial is to create a textured background for a scrapbook layout, this this technique would be a great idea to use on canvas to add bulk and texture without the weight, and without wasting your molding paste or other acrylic mediums!

using aluminum foil to make texture in mixed media art

Credit Card Art

This technique by Housing a Forest uses old credit card to spread paint across a surface and create interesting effects. The tutorial is geared towards a kid’s art session, but by switching the palette to more sophisticated colours and adding in some extra acrylic mediums for variety, this technique can easily be adapted for a more mature painting session. (Or it can give your little ones something to do while you paint, too!)

credit card mixed media art

So that’s it for now, guys! I hope these techniques have sparked an interest in you, and maybe given you some ideas for your next project! Be sure to visit these linked websites, as they’re full of great art ideas. Leave me a comment below if you’ve tried any of these techniques before, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3


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