4 Fun and Creative Summer DIY Projects

Hey guys!

So summer is in full swing, and it’s inspired me to look for smart and fashionable DIY craft projects.  The following are some of my favourite Pinterest finds.  I hope they inspire you to try a new project this summer! As always, click on the picture to be taken to the full instructions!

Sea Shell Hair Pins

These are so fun and beachy, and are super easy! Just get out on the beach and find some interesting shells, then glue them to bobby pins!

beach sea shell diy

Painted Feathers

This is by far my most favourite idea on this list.  All you need are some feathers and acrylic paint.  You can paint whatever design you like on them (including using glitter!) and these feathers will turn out gorgeous!  Use them on their own as art (the would look awesome as a cluster framed), as a centerpiece decor (maybe a feather bouquet?), incorporate them into a handmade hairband or hair clip, or clip them onto your purse as a purse or zipper charm!


DIY Bubble Wall Art

Speaking of DIY art, this next idea is a perfect summer craft to do with your kids, or just yourself if you don’t have kids!  This super pretty abstract artwork is made by dipping bubble wands into coloured bubble mix, and blowing the bubbles at the paper.  They pop on impact and leave these beautiful circles!  What a fun way to make art!

diy wall art

DIY Magnetic Terrarium

Do you recognize the container in this picture?? It’s the magnetic spice jars from Ikea! I use these to keep art supplies in, but creating a little mini terrarium is such an adorable idea! I’m obsessed with little terrariums, and this would look so darned cute on my fridge!

diy terrariumAlright guys, that’s all for now! Which project do you want to try out this summer? I really want to give the feathers a try, I think they’re just so pretty!  Thanks so much for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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