4 Beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths Using Supplies You Already Have

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

Today I’ve got a Pinterest round-up of some simple and gorgeous Valentine’s Day wreaths! I made my own Valentine’s wreath last year, so this year I wanted to share a few more ideas to spruce up your doors for the season. Each one is made from different materials, so you can pick whichever you have the supplies to do! As always, click on the pictures to be taken to the full instructions.  Enjoy!

Scrapbook Paper Hearts Wreath

scrapbook paper heart wreath
A great way to use up scraps!

This wreath is so beautiful! I can see using leftover Christmas scrapbook paper or even wrapping paper in reds and whites to make this, along with actual Valentine’s themed scrapbook paper.

Mesh Ribbon Wreath

This wreath can be made in 20 minutes according to its creator, and the mesh ribbon can again be something leftover from Christmas!

easy diy valentine wreath
Simple and pretty!

Tulle Wreath

This wreath is so girly and cute, it reminds me of a tutu!

diy valentine wreath tulle
So feminine!

Felt Wreath

This wreath is made of a bunch of felt circles.  It looks so plush and soft! The heart shape is a nice change from the usual circle, too!

heart shaped wreath felt
So elegant!

So there you have it guys! If you have ribbon,tulle,felt, or scrapbook paper, you can make one of these pretty wreaths for Valentine’s Day! Let me know in a comment below if you’ll be making a wreath for Valentine’s Day this year, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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