3 Easy DIY Spring Wall Art Projects

Hello friends! Well, Valentine’s Day is officially over, so I am totally in Springtime mode now! Bring on the flowers and the lush green and the rain and the warmer weather!!! Please!! So to give us a bit of hope that Spring is actually on the way, despite the fact that it is currently snowing outside, I thought I’d share a few really neat Spring wall art DIY projects I found on Pinterest. As always, click the pictures to be taken to their sources for full instructions. Enjoy!

Burlap Spring Wall Art

This burlap wall art is adorable! The warm tones of the burlap really give off that springtime vibe.  And the bird silhouette is so cute, but this really can be whatever you want, as it’s a simple stencil.

diy spring wall art
Some cute and simple art to bring that Spring warms into our homes!


Moss Wall Art

Nothing says Spring like a burst of fresh green! This adorable moss wall art project is made with real moss, although it’s dried so it doesn’t need to be watered. Authentic without the work!

diy spring art
This little burst of green moss would look adorable sitting on a mantle or table!

Easter Egg Button Art

Of course, with Spring comes Easter, and this little Easter Egg wall art is adorable. It’s a great way to use up some craft supplies too! Instead of buttons, it could be made with sequins or beads or whatever other supplies you’d like to use up.

easter diy decorations
These colours are lovely, but any pastel colours would work too. Use what you have 🙂

So that’s it for now! Are you excited for Spring to get here? I always get so excited when March starts nearing, even thought I know there’s still a good month or so of cold winter left. Thanks for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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