3 Convenient Uses for Tracing Paper

Hi friends! Happy Friday! So today I wanted to talk about tracing paper.  It seems to get a bit of a bad rep in the art world, as it’s seen as a way for people to “cheat” by tracing over images instead of learning to draw them.  But tracing paper has so many great uses, it’s time to bring it out into the daylight!

tracing paper uses

So the following are my three favorite ways to use tracing paper:

Templates for Collage

Tracing paper is the perfect tool to use to get an accurate shape you need for a collage piece.  Have you drawn a flower and you want the petals to be book script? All you need to do is use your tracing paper to trace over your petal shapes, place the tracing paper over your book page, tape it down, and simply cut along your line to get the perfect shape cut out of your page with no trimming necessary!

using tracing paper

Trace over any section’s shape for an instant template!

Templates for Resin Bezels

Want to use a picture or scrapbook paper in your next resin jewelry project? Trace your bezel’s shape onto the tracing paper, then place the paper over your photo or scrapbook paper. It instantly gives you a frame to see how your image will look cropped into the bezel.  Shift it around until you’re happy, then tape the tracing paper down and cut along your line to get a properly fitting image for your bezel!

Transferring your Drawing to Watercolor Paper

watercolor tracing paper

Get painting faster by quickly transferring your finished drawing to watercolor paper with tracing paper!

Ready to start adding some color to your drawing? You can use transfer paper to trace over your drawing, then cover the back of it in graphite and place it onto your watercolor paper.  Simply trace over your lines once more to transfer the graphite to the watercolor paper, and you’re good to go! Don’t want to have to cover the back of your tracing paper with graphite every time you transfer an image? Check out my video here to see how you can make your own reusable transfer paper using tracing paper!

So there you have it, guys! I hope these ideas have given you new ways to think about using tracing paper.  If you have a favorite way to use it, share it in a comment below! And till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

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