3 Common Watercolor Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Hi guys! So mistakes are something we all make, and there are three mistakes in watercolors everyone makes (both beginners and experiences painters!). These are spilling paint on an unwanted part of the paper, paint mixing and flowing into an area you didn’t want it to go into, and paint drying with unintended sharp edges.

common watercolor mistakes and how to fix them

The easiest way to fix these mistakes is to avoid them altogether, but we’re not perfect and mistakes do happen. So this video lists some ways you can correct, camouflage, or if all else fails, cope with the common three mistakes in watercolor!

So please enjoy and let me know in a comment what’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made with watercolors, and what did you do about it?? (Mine was the reaching for the coffee incident I described in the video!) Oh coffee…the source and solution to many painting complications!

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

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