3 Awesome Crafts from an Old Book

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to share with you three beautiful craft ideas using old book pages.  I love old books, and enjoy going to the thrift store to buy really old-looking romance novels, then using the pages in my mixed media paintings. The class and antiqued feel that old book pages give is something irreplaceable, so here’s three great uses for those dusty gems sitting on the shelf (as always, click the picture to be taken to the original website with full instructions).

Book Page Wreath

Use old book pages to make this striking, shabby-chic wreath!  I think this would look amazing in an office or quiet reading area, or even in a formal living room.  It obviously can’t be put outside, but hanging this wreath on a wall next to some black and white photos would really look lovely.

book page shabby chic craft ideas

Cute Owl Sculpture

So basically I almost died when I saw the extreme cuteness that is this little owl.  How adorable will this look sitting on a book shelf!? This actually comes from a list of other book page crafts, so be sure to check out the website for more ideas.  The owl is actually for sale in an Etsy shop, but looking at the picture, I don’t think it would be too hard to figure out the shapes needed and cut them out of the page,then gluing them together. This owl was waaayy too cute to NOT put on my blog anyway.  🙂

book page craft ideas pinterest

Mixed Media Wall Art

And of course this is what I like to use old book pages for!  But this artwork is given in a full tutorial, so it’s definitely more of aDIY project than an intimidating art project.  Just rip up pages of the book and glue them all down with mod podge or gel medium to a canvas, then once it’s dry just paint a silhouette overtop!  You can even just use a stencil you can find in craft store for painting on your walls.  Put that overtop the collage and voila! Instant unique wall art you can take full credit for!

book page crafts wall art diy craft ideas mod podge

So that’s it guys, what are your favourite things to do with old book pages!?

Till next time, keep creating!


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