2 Rules of Good Composition

Hi friends!

So this video is the start of a series of videos I’m doing for you on composition! This video explains what composition is and gives the two rules of good composition (with examples!).

Next week will be 10 Tips for Good Composition (which will be a two-part video because it ended up being 40min long!) So part 1 with Tips #1-5 will be up next Tuesday! And along with the second video (Tips #6-10), I’ll share with you a link on the post to  download a FREE printable I’ve made using the drawing examples used through these videos, along with a write-up of everything I’ve explained over these next 3 videos.

So please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out on anything, and please share,like, and comment on this video.  Thanks so much!

See you for the next one!

-Ashley <3

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