10 Tips for Good Composition (Part 1!)

Hey guys!

So this Tutorial Tuesday builds on last Tuesday’s composition tutorial. So in addition to those 2 rules of good composition, I wanted to give you 10 more tips on how to achieve good composition in your painting/drawing.

Be sure to check out these resources before watching this video:

This video was supposed to be one video, but it ended up being 40min long! So instead of cutting out examples (which I think help explain things so much more) I split it into two 20-min videos, so the second half will be up next Tuesday, along with the link for a FREE printout of all 10 tips and drawing examples, PLUS the 2 rules and examples, all in one handy PDF file. So be sure to check that out next week.

Also please remember that while these tips will help you in composition, they’re not meant to be set in stone, so please use your own discretion when employing them, and be true to your own style 🙂

Good luck and have fun!

-Ashley <3

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