♥Paint With Me 2♥ Part 3: Ground!

Hey guys! So welcome to part 3 of our floral abstract painting project! In this part we will lay down the ground for our painting overtop of the texture we built up last time. So don’t worry about the texture, just paint the ground right over everything, making sure the entire canvas is covered (no white molding paste showing anywhere!).

We’re using a nice warm ground for our canvas so the painting will be calming and inviting, even when we use cooler green and beige tones overtop, the overall effect of the painting will be warm thanks to this ground we’re laying down now. It will also help us judge our colours better as we get into the main painting because we won’t be looking at that stark white!

So get your canvas grounded, and be ready for next week when we start laying in the real colours! Let me know in a comment below how you’re enjoying this project so far, and thanks so much for watching!

In case you missed it…

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

-Ashley <3

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