7 Inspiring Spring Palettes


Hi guys! Happy Monday! Today I just wanted to share some inspiring Spring palettes from Design Seeds. I’m going to be starting a spring colors-inspired abstract painting in the next couple weeks, so I wanted to share some of the colors I’m loving right now. So I hope they inspire you too, whether that’s to make […]

Lucky Dip Art Challenge #12

lucky dip 12

Hi guys! It’s time for another Lucky Dip Art Challenge! Yay! What am I going to have to make art with this time!? Let’s find out! What I Pulled: Palomino B graphite pencil ArtGraf water-soluble graphite stick Higgins black ink LePen black pen Sculpey white polymer clay (!!) I got clay!!!! I’m both excited and […]

8 Ways to Improve your Drawing Skills

learn to draw

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share a few tips on how to improve your drawing skills.  This is something I’m working on myself, and taking time in the evening to work in my sketchbook without the intention of creating a new work of art is an ongoing goal/routine of mine that I […]

Sketchbox April Unboxing & Review!

sketchbox unboxing

Hi guys! I’m super excited to share this video with you guys today because it’s about a NEW monthly art supply box subscription! Sketchbox reached out to me to see if I would be interested in doing an unboxing and review of their latest box, so here it is! ***Please note that there is an […]

Sketchbook Pages: Doodle Flowers!

Flowers and butterflies!

Hi guys! It’s Monday, and today I thought I’d share with you what’s in my sketchbook right now.  I’ve been drawing a lot of little flowers and doodles to add to my stickers I’m planning to make, and also to use in Xavier’s baby book.  I’m also probably going to have some of the flowers […]

Polymer Clay Gold Fox Totem

polymer clay gold fox

Hi guys! In this video I’m making a little gold polymer clay fox sculpture. I added little triangles here and there for fun. I decided to not paint a face on it, and just use a little triangle to represent the nose. I wanted to just keep it simple and let the shapes of it […]

Prints and Stickers and Feathers, Oh My!

So many things to scan! And once they're all scanned, I can start making more! The cycle continues! lol

Hey guys! Happy Friday! So today I wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been working on this week. First of all, I’ve finished a commission I’ve been working on for a while, and have coated it with an isolation coat, so all I have to do now is let it sit then I […]

Iridescent Silver Paint Comparison: Golden vs Kroma

silver paint

Hi guys! So in a recent Pigment+Palette box, we got some paint from Kroma acrylics, and I want to see how it’s iridescent silver stacks up against my favorite silver paint, GOLDEN’s iridescent silver! Which one is the shiniest, brightest, SILVERY-EST?! Let the battle of the mica pigments begin! …and just for good measure I’m […]

3 Pretty After Easter Spring Decor Ideas!

Easter egg upcycle diy planter

Hi friends! Happy Easter Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and spent some precious time with your loved ones, regardless if you celebrate Easter or not! Now that the bunny-fest is over, how can we keep our homes looking fresh and Spring-like, without looking like we just didn’t take down our Easter decorations? […]

“Decaf Coffee” Speed Paint

decaf coffee

Hi guys! So this watercolor painting basically sums up my feelings about decaf coffee. I thought it would be a fun little painting, so I hope you enjoy! I plan on making prints of this piece along with some other coffee/tea related watercolors, so stay tuned for more info right here on my blog, or […]