Week Plans May 25, 2015

week plans

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to write a quick blog post to share the things I have panned to do this week. First, I want to finish my Spring colors abstract painting, that you’ve seen the beginnings of in this video. Next, I have a few watercolor projects that I want to finish up. […]

Abstract Acrylic Painting Plein Air Speedpaint Part 1

abstract paining part 1

Hi guys! This painting is inspired by the pretty colors Pantone chose for spring this year. This first part is just laying down the background and buliding texture. Next time I’ll add some pretty pinks,oranges, and other bright colors to really liven it up! You can see the colors that I’m going to be using […]

Painting Craziness! WIPs this week!

Blues and greens!

Hi friends! Happy Friday! This week has gone by so fast, especially since Monday was a holiday.  I was also trying to catch up on things I wanted to do last week but didn’t get to when I was sick. I’m feeling much better about the status of things now, and after this weekend I […]

My Drawing Supplies

drawing tutorials free online

Hi guys! So in this video I’ll share with you my favorite tools and items I use for drawing! Now this is just for pure drawing, with no intention of painting or coloring overtop of the linework. So this is what I used to make finished drawings, shaded in and all that good stuff. My […]

Inspirational Quotes About Being an Artist

artist quote 1

Hello friends! Happy Monday! It’s a holiday here in Canada, so in a little bit my little family will be going out into the beautiful weather and having some fun, but first I wanted to share with you a little collection of inspiring quotes about art and artists. We all need a little pick-me-up every […]

Journaling by 5’s Art Journal Challenge: part 1

journaling by 5s part 1

Hi guys! So today I’m starting a new little video series based off of Shannon Green’s Journaling by 5’s activity! You can check out her channel here. So basically this challenge is to create an entire art journal by 5’s. There are 5 steps, and each step is done in 15 minutes (covering 20 pages). […]

Updates and Baby Footprint Artwork

baby footprint art

Hi guys! Happy Friday! So my original intention for this post was to be a recap of the week and show you guys some works in progress, but this week didn’t go exactly as panned.  Unfortunately both Xavier and I caught a cold, and I ended up spending the large majority of this week laying […]

Pear Polymer Clay Charm Tutorial

polymer clay pear tutorial

Hi friends! So today I have a little tutorial on how to make a cute pear out of polymer clay! You need some clay, some craft paint, soft pastels, and clay glaze! Let me know in a comment what you think, and thanks for watching! -Ashley <3

Tombow ABT Watercolor Marker Review

Tombow ABT marker review

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Tombow ABT Watercolor markers. I’ve been playing with them in different illustrations, and thought I would share how I think they preform. The markers come in a huge selection of colors, and have two ends, a brush tip and a nib tip. I found […]

Serenity Tea Watercolor Speedpaint

serenity speedpaint

Hi guys! Sometimes we all need to take a bit of time to ourselves for some serenity This is a watercolor painting on textures bristol paper. Leave me a comment below letting me know what you think, and thanks for watching! -Ashley <3