DIY Glitter Stone Magnets Craft


Hi friends! Happy Monday! A little while ago I made a batch of glitter magnets, and I thought I’d share how I made them with you today.  They’re really easy to make, and cute! Here’s what they look like: Here’s what you need: Flat, clear stones (I found these in the floral section at Michael’s […]

Ebook Coming this Monday! Plus Premo Giveaway Winner!

I didn't put my name on the cover because I kind of like it how it is, but I might make a couple adjustments this weekend.

Hi friends! It’s Friday, and this week I’ve been super busy getting my skintones ebook finished.  I’m really happy with how it’s turned out, and I’m going to go over it again this weekend just to make sure everything is the way I want it.  So it’ll be available in my store on Monday! Here’s […]

Paint With Me 3 Part 2: Background!

pwm pt 2

Hey guys! It’s our first layers for our newest Paint With Me Project! I hope you’ve had time to gather your supplies, because we’re laying down the background layers today! I’m so happy you guys are excited for this! You comments on the first video in this new series were awesome. Let’s make a fun […]

Premo Sculpey Set Giveaway!

premo sculpey

Hi friends! Happy Monday! To make this Monday a bit happier, I’ve teamed up with Fire Mountain Gems to host a little giveaway today! Read on to learn more about this awesome polymer clay and how you can win your own set by leaving a simple comment on this post! Premo Sculpey Premo! Sculpey® Clay […]

Journaling by 5’s Art Journal Challenge Part 10!


Hey guys! This is the last step in our Journaling by 5’s challenge! Just one more 15 minute session to wrap it all up! This step is pen/pencil, so I’m going to be using pen and trying to expand on the doodles that I started in the previous pen/pencil step! So after this I will […]

Almost Done One, Varnishing the Others! WIPs This Week!

Giving her a fun splashy background!

Hi friends! Happy Friday!  This week I feel like I haven’t gotten anything really done, but in reality I’ve actually done alot, it’s just not something that’s easily seen. First, I finally started varnishing all of the recent paintings I’ve done.  They’ve just had their isolation coat, so next week I’ll varnish them, then in […]

♥Paint With Me 3♥ Part 1:Setup!

pwm pt1

Hey guys!!! I’m super excited to share this video with you guys, because it’s time for another Paint With Me project! You guys have been asking for it, so here we go!! This time we’ll be painting an abstract floral splatter-style painting, with an emphasis on the techniques of layering paint. I hope you guys […]

Swarovski Crystal Coral Pendant Giveaway!

Win a beautiful sparkly Swarovski crystal coral focal bead! Valued at $6.81!

Hi friends, Happy Monday! To help start our week off on the right foot, I’ve teamed up with Fire Mountain Gems to giveaway some sparkle! Read on to see how you could win one of these beautiful beads (US and Canada only)! Swarovski Coral Focal Bead Swarovski Crystal Coral Pendant $6.81 Fire Mountain Gems This […]