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DIY Burlap Bunny Table Runner

burlap bunny table runner

Hey friends! So I’ve got a really simple and cute bunny table runner you can make for yourself! It’s perfect for Easter or just springtime in general (I’ll be keeping mine up until it’s time to switch to a summer one). Now this runner is NOT my idea, I found it on a blog called [...]

Website Update, Nursery Plans!

Lots of painting to be done this week, both on a canvas and on a wall!

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I just wanted to write a little update on the status of the website redesign.  I know right now it looks like nothing has changed, but I’ve been doing stuff behind the scenes to make the transition to the new design smoother.  I basically spent all weekend researching and testing out [...]

Antiqued Silver Birdcage Resin Pendant Timelapse

resin pendant timelase

Hi guys! So today I wanted to share with you the creation process of one of my newest resin pendants. This one is an original watercolor painting covered in resin with a cute metal birdcage charm over top. I hope you enjoy watching the process! Let me know in a comment what you think! If [...]

New Website Design Coming Soon!

I will get this website building stuff figured out at some point.

Hi friends! I just wanted to write a quick blog post to let you guys know that I’m about to redo my entire little website here, so please bear with me if things seem kind of glitchy or posts look wonky over the next couple days.  I will still be uploading tomorrow’s video, and hopefully [...]

Color Theory Color Harmony: Triad and Square Color Schemes

triad and square

Hey guys! So this is the fourth and last video in my colour harmonies series, and in this video we explore the triad and square colour schemes.  Learn what they are, how they work and what to watch out for when using them! Other videos in this series: Part 1 Monochrome Part 2 Analogous Part [...]

Jewelry Update April 7,2014

A closeup of the resin pendants. Each one is unique in that I cannot reproduce them.  I may have a duplicate of the metal charms attached to them, but the colours and paintings underneath will never be replicated.  So each one is its own original work of art you can wear! :D

Hi friends! So I’ve been working on new jewelry designs lately, and I wanted to share with you what I’ve just recently finished.  Now these will all be available for sale, but those on my email mailing list will have first dibs on them before they go up, as all of the pendants are one [...]

“Goodnight Owl” Resin Mixed Media Speedpaint (Part 2)

patchwork owl watercolor

Hi guys! So here’s the next part in my whimsical owl painting! The collage elements are complete, and all that’s left to do is to add some details to the flowers before I can pour my first resin layer.  Than more painting fun awaits! Please enjoy, and be sure to hit that thumbs up button [...]

Get to Know your Colors: Black

The most common acrylic paint color of black is Mars black.

Hi friends! So in continuing this colors series, I’ve already covered white and gray, so the next logical color would be black! So let’s take a look at this darkest of dark non-color! The Color Black Black, like white, is a non-color.  In painting it is the result of all of the colors mixed together.  [...]

Color Theory Color Harmony: Complementary Colors

complementary colours

Hi guys! So this is the third video in my little color harmonies series, and it’s all about complementary colors! In this video I’ll explain three color schemes: complementary, split complementary, and double complementary colors! Let’s learn how they work, what they’re good for, and what to watch out for when using these colours on [...]

Pinspiration Monday: 5 DIY Spring Projects

Welcome springtime, literally, with a juicy welcome mat!

Hi friends!  So I was on Pinterest over the weekend and I found an awesome little collection of 5 easy DIY projects for spring.  These crafts will get both you and your home in a happy spring mood, and best of all they’ll let you keep lots of cash in your pocket! They’re all very [...]