Using Christmas Decorations All Year?

Just too pretty to put away for the season!

Hi guys! I’ve got a fun blog post today, inspired by the leftover Christmas spirit.  We all love Christmas, and it’s sad putting away all of those sparkly and shiny decorations, closing them up in a box in the basement for another 11 months until it’s time to pull them out again.  But what if […]

My Watercolor Supplies

my watercolor supplies

Hi guys! This video is for anyone wondering what’s needed to get into painting with watercolors! I’ll share with you my favorite items, and it will hopefully give you an idea of what might work for you too! If you want to read more about how to use Masking Fluid, you can read my blog […]

REAL TIME Watercolor Painting Part 1: Drawing!

fox watercolor tutorial real time demo

Hi guys! So it was requested that I show some of my process done in real time (thanks Wendy!). I wanted to make another fox to go with my “Looking Back” fox, so I decided that this fox, which I’m naming “Second Glance” will be all filmed and I’ll make a video of its creation […]

Starting a Mini Art Journal, Luna’s B-Day, and a Zentangle!

Just need to fill in the top half!

Hi friends! So today I wanted to share a couple works in progress I have on the go. I’ve decided to start a little art journal in the process of making X’s baby book.  I need to make graphics like backgrounds and little pictures for embellishments and whatnot, so I figured I might as well […]

Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Paper

stretching watercolor techniques

Hi friends! So this video is for anyone new to watercolours who is feeling overwhelmed by the paper choices to create your art on. And let’s face it, it’s super easy to become overwhelmed by this. There are so many different papers out there! Cold press, hot press, weights, textures,stretching, which one is best for […]

5 DIY Valentine’s Day Canvases

mixed media valentine canvas

Hi friends! Happy Monday! So today I have a beautiful Pinterest round-up of some Valentine’s Day themed DIY canvases.  The following projects are fairly simple to do with limited materials, but look amazing! Any one of these would be the perfect addition to your home for some Valentine’s pizzazz. So please enjoy, and as always […]

Lucky Dip Art Challenge #10

art challenge

Hey guys! Welcome to the very first Lucky Dip of the new year! And we’re now into double digits for our Lucky Dips! I better not screw this up! Let’s get to it! What I Pulled: Zig Drawing Pen 0.3 (black) Molotow Paint Marker – True Blue Stabilo Pen 68 (black) Kurecolor Marker – black […]

How I Stay Organized (My Art Planning Book)

organizing your life

Hi friends! TGIF! This week has been a super busy one, and I thought today would be a good day to share with you my finished scrapbook-style organizer/planner.  A while ago on Instagram I shared pictures of some little scrapbook embellishments I bought at Michaels, and was making my new planner for this year.  A […]

Watercolor for Beginners

watercolor for beginners

Hi guys! So this video is for anyone who’s a beginner to using watercolours and is wondering about the basics of using watercolors. In this video I’ll explain what watercolors are, how they’re generally used, what options are out there for forms of watercolor paint, and how you can use them. I hope this video […]