Journaling by 5’s Art Journal Challenge part 8!

jb5 p8

Hi guys! This time we’re on stamps in our Journaling by 5’s Challenge! I want to focus on just stamps this time, as the first pass through was very stencil-heavy. I’ve got both black and white stamp pads, so let’s see what happens! Leave me a comment below letting me know what you think of […]

The Ugly Painting Phase

acrylic painting for beginners

Hi friends, today I wanted to talk about something that can hopefully help any beginners to painting/drawing with some frustrations that are really common. There’s something that many beginners are unaware of, and it’s something that can really hold them back in progressing with their own artistic skill development. It’s something that many artists don’t […]

Lucky Dip Art Challenge #14

lucky dip art challenge

It’s time for another Lucky Dip! Whoop whoop! I hope you guys are excited for it! This is our 14th one! Wow!! Ok, things are dwindling down in my little box, so we should see some interesting things for this one…let’s check it out! What I Pulled: Tombow ABT marker in pale yellow Aqua Monolith […]

Two Acrylic Paintings in a Week?! WIPs This Week!

acrylic portrait painting on canvas

Hi friends! Whew, it’s Friday, and what a busy week it’s been! I’ve been busy working on a couple projects, and not only that, but we have some family from out of town visiting so we’re spending our evenings with them.  And I mean waaayyy out of town! My husband’s aunt and uncle are visiting […]

Journaling by 5’s Art Journal Challenge part 7

journaling by 5's challenge

Hi guys! This is the continuation of Shannon Green’s Journaling by 5’s challenge! In this step we’re on the collage step of the second run through. Hopefully I can cover up some of the disaster that happened last time. So here goes! Leave me a comment letting me know how you think it’s turning out, […]